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Managing Change and Conflict

Managing Conflict

Change: Orgaizational and Individual Perspective
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Making Change Happen
Managing Conflict
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By Heather Gulick

Conflict - Incompatible behaviors that make another person less effective

Dealing with the Two Faces of Conflict

Competitive conflict: parties are pursuing directly opposite (win-lose) goals.


Cooperative conflict: a mutually reinforcing experience (win-win) that serves the best interests of both parties.

Conflict Triggers

Conflict trigger: any factor that increases the chances of conflict.


Types of triggers

- Ambiguous or overlapping jurisdictions.

- Competition for scarce resources.

- Communication breakdowns.

- Time pressure.

- Unreasonable standards, rule, policies, or procedures.

- Personality clashes.

- Status differentials.

- Unrealized expectations.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflict Resolution Techniques

- Problem solving

- Superordinate goals

- Compromise

- Forcing

- Smoothing


Career Advancement Behaviors


Best Behaviors

- Perspective taking

- Creating solutions

- Expressing emotions

- Reaching out


Worst Behaviors

- Avoidance

- Winning at all costs

- Displaying anger

- Demeaning others

- Retaliating



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