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Managing Change and Conflict

Making Change Happen

Change: Orgaizational and Individual Perspective
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Making Change Happen
Managing Conflict
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By Kelly Cardonnel

Two Approaches to Organization Change
- Organization Development (OD)

     - Formal top-down approach


Grassroots Change

- An unofficial and informal bottom-up approach


Change Agent Characteristics

- Foresight

- Responsiveness

- Flexibility

- Adaptability

Planned Change Through Orgnization Developmant (OD)

Organization development (OD)

- Planned change programs intended to help people and organizations function more effectively.

     - Applying behavioral science principles, methods, and theories to create and cope with change.

     - OD creates fundamental change in the organization, as opposed to fixing a problem or improving a procedure.

- OD programs generally are facilitated by hired consultants.


Objectives of OD

- Deepen the sense of organizational purpose.

- Strengthen interpersonal trust.

- Encourage problem solving rather than avoidance.

- Develop a satisfying work experience.

- Supplement formal authority with knowledge and skill-based authority.

- Increase personal responsibility for planning and implementing.

- Encourage willingness to change.


The OD Process (Kurt Lewin)

 - Unfreezing, changing, and refreezing social systems

     - Unfreezing: neutralizing resistance by preparing people for change.

     - Changing: implementing the planned change

     - Refreezing: systematically following a change program for lasting results.


Unoffical and Informal Grassroots Change


Grassroots Change

- Change that is spontaneous, informal, experimental, and driven from within.


Tempered Radicals

- People who quietly try to change the dominant organizational culture in line with their convictions.

     - Guidelines for tempered radicals

       - Think small for big results.

       - Be authentic.

       - Translate.

       - Don’t go it alone.


Kreitner, Foundations of Management, Ch - 14